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It's Our 20th Anniversary

Alexandra Kennedy
Please join me in supporting The Carle.

Dear Friend, 

This month The Eric Carle Museum turns 20 years old. And what a milestone! 

Over the last two decades, we’ve welcomed almost a million visitors. Our exhibitions have traveled the world. Thousands of children, caregivers, and educators have benefited from our programs. Hundreds of artists and authors have visited, sharing their creativity with visitors. 

The Museum has become an international champion for picture books and their creators—just like Eric and Bobbie dreamed it would so many years ago. On this important anniversary, I hope you’ll join me and make a gift to our annual fund. With your support, we can continue to open doors and open minds around the world.

I also hope you’ll join in the celebration! Here’s what we have in store for you:  

Inspired by Eric’s favorite medium, Celebrating Collage: A 20th Anniversary Celebration showcases 20 collage artists, from pioneers of the form to today’s groundbreaking new illustrators. Friends from around the country recently joined us for a virtual program with artists Micha Archer, Ekua Holmes, Oge Mora, Melissa Sweet, and Ed Young. After the program, one participant shared: “I left picking up leaves and swatches and bark, emboldened to try my hand at a collage. I am heading to the library tomorrow for those books, and to The Carle, soon, I hope!” 

The exhibition Eric Carle’s Book Birthdays highlights 14 titles that are also marking important anniversaries this year. And The Carle Collection: Recent Acquisitions features more than 60 artworks acquired by the Museum over the last five years. Our permanent collection comprises more than 9,000 illustrations, representing 250 artists and more than a century of picture book illustration. And, hundreds of artworks are now highlighted on our website so enthusiasts everywhere can immerse themselves in the fascinating art of children’s literature. 

Our anniversary is also an important opportunity to celebrate YOU—one of the thousands of people who have supported the Museum over the last two decades. 

Whether you were inspired by picture book art in our exhibitions, had a creative moment in the art studio, or met one of your favorite artists or authors…whether you told your friends about us, brought a guest to The Carle Honors, or shared a family pass with someone you love…you helped us make the Museum the welcoming place we love. 

The last few exceptionally tough years have shown us more than ever the urgency of the work we are doing at The Carle. Picture books make the world a better, kinder, more hopeful place for children. Eric and Bobbie knew that—and you do, too. It is now our job—our collective responsibility—to carry on their work. I hope you will make a special anniversary donation today.  

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season. 

Alexandra Kennedy 
Executive Director 


P.S. If you missed the chance to visit this year, you can take part in the celebrations I’ve mentioned here through www.carlemuseum.org. I especially recommend watching Coming Together: The Eric Carle Museum Celebrates 20 Years below and learning about our permanent collection.

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Alix Kennedy

Alexandra Kennedy

Executive Director