Art Studio

I remember well my kindergarten classroom where my teacher gave us colorful paints, big sheets of white paper, and where we were free to draw and paint in the sun-filled room with big windows.
Eric Carle
adult and child give high fives while making art in the art studio at The Carle

We welcome people of all ages to play with materials and make art together. Enjoy the Everyday Art Project in the studio and explore our educational resources. Art Studio team members will welcome you to the space, share ideas, and answer your questions. Projects change every few weeks with new materials to try. After you have finished your project, you may take your artwork home or leave it for others to see. 

The space and programming of The Carle Art Studio is supported by a generous annual sponsorship from Penguin Books For Young Readers.

Everyday Art Projects

These are the current and upcoming art projects happening within the studio.

bird mobiles in bobbie's meadow. projects are hanging in a tree. Birds are made out of collaged papers and materials with bright orange, yellow, blue and purple.

April 3 - May 19

Create your own mobile of floating characters!  

Colorful paper collage tunnel box. There is a paper river with a fish jumping and trees in the background.

May 22 - June 23

Create a tunnel book to explore the space between the pages of your own unique story!

Three small books on with vibrant shapes, textures, colors and patterns

June 26 - August 24

Create your own colorful book with materials inspired by the art of Roger Mello!

A child smiling through a brightly-painted piece of cardboard.
Bring the inspiration of The Carle to your home, classroom or learning environment! In the Art Studio’s archive, you’ll find projects that are creative and open-ended.
Two adults smiling and making art together in the Art Studio.
Art Educators facilitate school visits, art-making classes, professional development workshops, and special events.
Art Studio intern helps staple a guest's artwork into a wall display as the guest looks on.
Interested in joining the Art Studio team? We have volunteer and internship programs available year round.