Museum at Home

If you can’t come to The Carle, let The Carle come to you. We offer a variety of online events, programs, and resources that are the next best thing to being here.

Online Exhibitions

Participants walking in a Pride Parade, holding signs and pride flags.

Immerse yourself in a multimedia art experience through one of The Carle’s online exhibitions, such as ALL: A Look into LGBTQ+ Representation in Picture Books.

Online Events & Programs

Books spread across a table.

July 16 and 23: Learn how to use picture books to provide “mirrors and windows” that reflect readers’ identities and open their eyes to the world beyond their lived experiences.

Color photos of black and brown teens, with Horn Book cover in the middle.

Horn Book Magazine cover artist Kristen Joy Emack discusses her photo series centering a diverse group of teens in fairy tales.

Mother reading a story to her child who is sitting in her lap.
Join us from home for Storytime with The Carle. These interactive read-aloud presentations encourage movement and play.

Make Art

The Carle’s Art Studio offers inspiration for creative projects that appeal to all ages.
A wall with an installation of colorfully painted sculptures made from cardboard boxes and paper objects.
Sculptures made from reused materials.
envelope with drawing of a shore and mountains
Make art to send through the postal system.
A stack of triangular papers with colorful marker scribbles on them.
Using water, make your dried markers usable again!

Artists & Authors

Kids sitting and smiling as they listen to a story being read aloud.

Get to know your family’s favorite picture book authors and artists! Hear about their work and inspirations in these video interviews.

Books spread out on table.
Explore the many booklists created by The Carle for exhibitions, programs, or bookshop recommendations.