Education and Collection Internships

Trinkett Clark Internship

Available in the summer

Founded to honor the life, work, and vibrant spirit of the late Trinkett Clark, a museum curator and the first wife of H. Nichols B. Clark, The Carle’s Founding Director and Chief Curator Emeritus. This internship provides a unique opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing careers in the arts or museums. Participants get practical experience in curation, collections management, and museum education.   

The Trinkett Clark intern will focus on exhibition, collections, and education Department-specific initiatives developed with the chief curator and the director of education. Participants gain familiarity with the Museum’s database and a body of research and written descriptions of artworks. The project outcome of the internship is a thematic book exhibition in the Reading Library.

Interns attend weekly collection department meetings, monthly all-staff meetings, and gain an understanding of how different museum departments function within the organization through specially planned intern sessions. 

The internship, which includes the month of July, runs eight weeks beginning with a mutually determined start date and requires a 25-hour-a-week commitment. Demonstrated strong research and writing skills, and experience with databases, are required. A love of picture books is important! This program pays $3,000. Applications must be submitted electronically by March 1.

Art Studio Internship 

Two internships available in the summer 

The Art Studio is a creative drop-in space, where guests of all ages participate in open-ended art projects. Interns play an important role in furthering the aims and values of the Art Studio: to provide a highly accessible space, to celebrate materials through open-ended exploration, to promote collaboration, and to pursue sustainable art-studio practices. Interns work closely with The Carle’s art educators to build their knowledge of the pedagogy and administration that underpins the day-to-day running of the Art Studio.

Interns receive an orientation to the Museum and customer service training. Internship positions consist of a combination of working in the Art Studio to facilitate the drop-in art program for museum guests and an independent project developed in collaboration with, and supervised by, the art educators. Independent projects can take the form of research, a public event, and/or the creation of a learning resource. Projects should connect to and further the aims and interests of the intern, and the work of the Art Studio. Project topics in the following areas are encouraged:

  • Early childhood education
  • Lifelong and intergenerational learning
  • Art education
  • Museum education
  • Sustainable art studio practices
  • Literacy and art

The internships run eight weeks, one starting in June and the other starting in July. There is flexibility in start and end dates, weekend availability is required. Both internships are 20 hours per week for eight weeks and pay $2,400. Applications must be submitted electronically by March 1.