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Kelsey's Special Monday: Wearable Bug Art

Recently one of the Art Studio’s Summer Interns, Kelsey Pomeroy-Murphy, designed a Special Monday project for museum guests. She planned the event, sorted and prepared the materials, and introduced visitors to the project throughout the day. The following is her description of the day.

The theme for our most recent special project was insects. The project was inspired by David Wiesner’s Bugs image that was created in 2009 for The Carle Honors. The project was also inspired by the various insect stories created by Eric Carle himself, such as, The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Lonely Firefly, The Very Quiet Cricket, and Eric Carle’s most renowned children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Each individual was able to collage their very own bug that they could then make into a wearable object such as a hat, sticker, bracelet etc. The project setup was outside and was arranged as a buffet. There was an assortment of collage paper categorized by color. There were also baskets of glue sticks, scissors, and long strips of paper.

Each guest was given a basket, after which, they could then sort through the different colors of paper, choosing colors and shapes that inspired them most. They were then given glue sticks, scissors, and colored tape. They were also given long strips of colored paper that they could attach their artwork to, transforming it into an accessory that they could then wear. Self-adhesive foam backings were also available to guests, allowing them transform their collaged insects into stickers! The process of transforming a collaged insect into a sticker begins with a square-inch-size piece of self-adhesive foam. Guests glued the foam side of the material onto their collaged insect by pressing the self-adhesive foam and collaged insect together, making sure that the foam was fully attached to the back of the project. I recommend waiting for the glue to dry completely before removing the paper backing and attaching your project to any article of clothing.

The setup also included books that the guests could look to if they were in need of inspiration. Guests were encouraged to create imaginary insects, as well as real insects that they see on a daily basis or can recognize.

Most guests attached their collaged bugs to the long strips of paper and turned their artwork into hats that they could then wear throughout their visit.