Read the World: Picture Books and Translation

January 13 - May 1, 2022
Reading Library

Reading books in translation is an opportunity to learn about other languages and cultures, and to learn more about ourselves. This book exhibition highlights the role of translators, showcases multilingual books, and introduces readers to recent English translations and their publishers.

Curated by Professor Regina Galasso (UMass Amherst) and her students from the course “Translation Roots of a US Literary Landscape” (Amherst College, Fall 2021): Olive Amdur, Monica Diaz, Caroline Seitz, Reylyn Tanchiatco, Elizabeth Tran, Augusta Weiss, and Caitlin Witzda.

What to Expect 

This book exhibition includes over 40 picture books and is divided into three thematic sections: “Meet Translators,” “See Languages,” and “Expand the Story.” The curators also created additional materials for the exhibition, including a guide to discuss translation with young readers and activities for children to better understand and appreciate how translation works.

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