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Make Your Own Foam Stamp

Meghan Burch

Printmaking is a fun, open-ended process for image-making. Stamping is a kinesthetically satisfying and approachable form of printmaking, so it’s a great fit for many of our projects in the Art Studio and at home. In one of our Every Day Art Projects, we offered our guests at The Carle a chance to make their own stamp.

In this project, guests cut shapes out of 2”x2” rectangles of sticky-backed craft foam and then arranging the shapes in a single layer on a small rectangle of polystyrene foam, like the kind that is used in food packaging.

A child’s hands press a purple foam E sticker onto a small rectangle of polystyrene foam, with a purple foam heart-shaped sticker on the foam piece above the E.

Names and initials were popular designs. E made a one with her initials. I observed as she made and printed it, interested to see her reaction as she peeled back her first print. I thought she might be upset that the E’s read backwards, so I approached her and asked what she thought of her print. She was happy with how it turned out, but for her second stamp she wanted to make her entire first name. Together we talked about how to cut and arrange the letters so they would read correctly when stamped.

Some guests chose to leave their stamp behind for others to use. We displayed a selection of them on our front wall to inspire our guests’ designs.

40 handmade stamps displayed on a wall.
If you don’t have any foam at home you can use interesting or discarded objects as stamps.  You’ll also want to visit my post Make Your Own Stamp Pads to learn how easy it is to make stamp pads at home or for an entire classroom.


Meghan, smiling and wearing a grey shirt with a blue background.

Meghan Burch

Art Educator from 2003-2016, Meghan has a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She tries to think with materials and work with her hands every day.
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