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Special Sunday - Shadow Play

Diana MacKenzie

This past Sunday The Studio’s summer intern, Alison, selected materials to play with visual textures and silhouettes. We turned on the overhead projector and several shadow puppet enthusiasts tried their hand at creating silhouettes on the wall.

An adult and a child make shadow puppets on a large black bulletin board.
Visitors used metallic crayons to make marks onto black construction paper using rubbing plates. 
An adult uses a rubbing plate to add texture to their drawing on black paper.
Some visitors cut and glued black paper shapes over their rubbings to make layered designs.
A drawing on black paper surrounded by art materials such as scissors, metallic crayons, rubbing plates, and scissors.


Diana, smiling wearing an orange scarf and brown shirt.

Diana MacKenzie

Public Art Program Educator from 2007-2016, Diana has a BFA in Printmaking from Syracuse University and creates mixed-media works inspired by her travels, combining her interests in printmaking and sculpture. She received her M.A.T. from Mount Holyoke College in June 2017, and continues teaching visual arts to children and adults.
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